Our value proposition is simple.

ACS takes full ownership of all aspects of your IT needs. By handling the installation, documentation, on boarding, ongoing support, phones, copiers, CIO, project management, consulting, being one throat to choke, and controlling the quality from start to finish, we are the next best thing to having a full time IT department without the cost of full time IT. Business owners appreciate us as we focus on IT (what we're good at), and they focus on handling their business (what they're good at) and making money. In the long term, this fosters better relationships between IT and business owners. With our flat rate model we only make money when things are in tip-top shape and working smoothly. As having stable and reliable IT is a goal of the business owners, the goals of business owners and IT providers align unlike hourly IT providers that make more money when things are broken/not efficient. With 24/7/365 Texas-based support, our clients never worry that their support calls will be answered and handled in a timely fashion. Businesses that are scaling up/growing love our nationwide coverage and collective bargaining power that smaller IT providers cannot offer. Our model is different in that we eliminate the inefficiencies that all smaller IT providers struggle with, and we pass those efficiencies and combined knowledge on to our clients.


HIPAA compliance and security go hand-in-hand to protect sensitive healthcare information for providers and their patients. You are protected because The Compliancy Group protects us!

HIPAA Compliance Verification

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Asking the right questions will help you understand whether an IT company is a good fit for your organization. These four (4) questions and how they are answered is all the information you need to make the right business decision for your IT support.



How is your IT service contract structured? Is there anything that you're charged extra for?

Our Answer

We provide truly flat-rate pricing. You will never be charged for labor. Ever. We will grow and contract with you with no changes to the level of service you'll receive.



Does your IT provider charge any type of on-boarding fee to get started? If so, how much?

Our Answer

We don't have any on-boarding fees to get started. We take all the risk. Our contract is simple and transparent, and aligns our business goals with yours.



Are you charged project fees, labor for system upgrades, office moves, or installing new equipment?

Our Answer

Zero project fees. Zero labor fees for ANY upgrades, moves, or installing equipment. You won't be charged for labor for anything.



Does your monthly IT service fee go up AND down based on your needs? How so?

Our Answer

A simple flat rate monthly fee only adjusts based on your success. Our contract scales as your business grows and even contracts if times get tough.

What Our Clients Say

I know I’m a few days late but just wanted to tell you HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY and thank you for all that you do for us at The Refuge!!!!!!!!!! Every week someone in the office is saying “most computer dudes are such duds but I just love Rodney and Forest so much!! They are amazing and kind and patient and actually pretty funny too” --- no joke. Just know that we love and appreciate you guys here everyday!

Grace Pfeffer The Refuge for DMST

We struggled for years as a small business to address our IT issues in-house in our spare time. It led to frustration, lost production, and lost opportunity time. Weight was lifted off our shoulders when Accurate Computer Solutions came into the picture. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and best of all FAST. We are now able to focus on what makes us successful, and they are the reason that our small business can grow without IT growing pains.

Shane Simpson Associated Construction Partners

Our business has been using Accurate Computer Solutions for over a year now and have never been anything but pleased. Rodney is always prompt and attentive and has always fixed issues immediately for us leaving us with very little to no down time. Rodney's rates are more than reasonable and his knowledge and service is exceptional. Our office will not use anyone else!

Marriah Fritze Boerne Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry

I had the most amazing IT experience today and I just had to let you know how appreciative I am of Accurate and especially Forrest.....

"Thank you so very much for your expert team. I’m in awe of Forrest’s knowledge of the IT system, how easy he made this seem, how professional his demeanor was, and how he didn’t stop until my issue was resolved."

Melody Garcia The Refuge for DMST

Rodney and his team have been managing our computers and network for over a year. They provide persistent monitoring of our systems and have saved our busy office from a potentially catastrophic event. Rodney noticed a failing drive on our server and acted immediately. He had a backup in place which allowed us to continue on with business as usual without skipping a beat and our physical server was fixed promptly. We did not suffer any data loss or productivity loss. I would highly recommend Accurate Computer Solutions to anyone who values data protection and loss prevention.

Dr. Stefan Ionescu Little Smiles Dentistry

Accurate Computer Solutions has been servicing our business for years and are forward thinking, with a focus on service and security. The entire team are always quick to respond and assist with any and all of my requests.

I Highly (HIGHLY) Recommend them to help your business with your network and computer solutions. They're amazing!

Paul Rushofsky Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort

There are still miracles in Boerne, besides the fact that it finally rained last night! My computer had some terrible virus on it that was causing all kinds of problems and Rodney came in, put his magic powers to work and it was gone and now my computer is working great. He brought Amy’s computer back to life long enough…

Lora Carlisle Keller Williams

I was experiencing an annoying problem with my computer for over a year when I finally decided to call Rodney for help. He came out to my office and in no time at all, the problem was fixed! I wish I had called him sooner. If you want prompt, professional service from a knowledgeable computer expert, call Rodney Sees.

Sarah Hamilton The Oaks

Everything is working well! Rodney: Once again thank you...everything is working well! The printer you suggested is an outstanding upgrade. Pam worked with me on the tech support transfer today. Completely used to the screen size. Also the storage will be plenty...currently 268 GB free and Carbonite has only 19 GB backed up. Thanks again. Bryden

Bryden Moon Valued Customer

We have trusted Accurate Computer Solutions, LLC (ACS) with all our computer needs since April, 2015. From small to large jobs, from wireless to networking, and from hardware to software needs, ACS has exceeded our expectations for IT services and customer care. We recently moved into a new 17,483 square foot Monastery and office complex. ACS owner, Rodney Sees, worked with our contractor to ensure our computer needs were met. On the day of the move, ACS was there to help move and set-up all our computers. The transition was made without a glitch. ACS has proven over and over again that it is a reliable, tech savvy company built on integrity and solid principles. We value the strong working partnership that we have built with the ACS team.

Sister Bernardine Reyes Benedictine Sisters of Boerne

Thank you for checking with me. All is well. I ordered a new enclosure for the external HD. Works great! Awesome service!

Chuck Oaks

Everything is working perfectly. I have told so many of my friends about your good service. I will definitely use you again if needed.

Sandra Epinger

Accurate Computer Solutions, LLC has been a godsend when it comes to IT. After spending thousands of dollars and still not having my IT problems solved, I was introduced to Rodney and his team. They didn't leave until they solved the problem. And, they have fair pricing as well. Rodney is by far the most efficient and smartest IT person I've worked with since I've had my company.

Karl Eggers CEO, Eggers Capital Management

Rodney and Forrest are great at what they do - they know their stuff! My employer has been using Rodney for several years and I have used his company personally as well. The guys are very responsive, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for your computer/IT service needs.

Natalie Meadlin Brock Upham & Yost PLLC